It was before amphors: Putin and the tigress

Изначально опубликовано в It was before amphors: Putin and the tigress

Русская версия: "Это было до амфор: Путин и тигрица"
March 04, 2012 (Updated on March 16, 2012)

More than a year ago I wrote an article for the BIGCATS.RU project called Tiger Summit: Reasons and results!. Today, you’ll see a continuation of some sort, though event, which i’m talking about, took place quite some time ago, i think, it’s still quite interesting. We’ll tell about the relationships of Putin and the tigress, which, unfortunately, remained somehow unnoticed, in contrast to the heroic amphorae discovery, which bloggers disassembled for details.

31-th of august 2008, V.V. Putin went to taiga, where, just in time, a tigress was caught for VIP-show scientific research, that sould’ve helped to preserve this magnificent predator from Red Book. Putin, of course, decided to fulfill his duty and decided to put a GPS-collar on the tigress himself.

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