To Walk with Lions: 7 Spiritual Principles I Learned from Living with Lions

  • ISBN-10(13): 9781569752784
  • Автор: Gareth Patterson
  • Издатель: Ulysses Press
  • Дата публикации: 10.10.2001
  • Язык: Английский


Gareth Patterson has lived as a man among lions and as a lion man among modern people. Moving between these two worlds, he has observed the wholeness in lions and the disconnectedness in humans. His extraordinary experience with lions has shown him how lions can teach people Ubuntu -- the African sense of belonging. By understanding the author's profound experiences with lions, individuals can realize their place in nature and discover true spiritual fulfillment. To Walk with Lions describes the seven spiritual principles of the lion: self-reliance, loyalty, fellowship, willingness to care, unconditional love, courage, and determination. By aspiring to these qualities, individuals can learn to live with a greater sense of purpose, community, and meaning.